ChatGPT Supported Menu Revolution from Yemeksepeti


  • Using ChatGPT, guiding explanations in line with the product contents were added to more than 17 thousand products in the Yemeksepeti Mahalle segment, so that users can have an easier and more understandable ordering experience.
  • Yemeksepeti lists the proportion of products that are announced by the end of the year; It aims to increase this rate to over 91% for the food platform that meets users’ instant food needs, and to 40% for Yemeksepeti Mahalle side, which allows users to meet their grocery needs from local shops.

Yemeksepeti, the pioneer of fast commerce in , has taken solid steps to implement the “ChatGPT Supported Menu” project, which is a part of its strategy to increase service quality .

 With this project, which started in March 2023, the rate of disclosure of the details of the products on the menus of the tradesmen in the Yemeksepeti Mahalle service network was increased by approximately 12%.

Yemeksepeti, which aims to increase the rate of announced products to over 91% for its food platform by the end of the year, has set its target as 40% for Yemeksepeti Mahalle side, which allows people to meet their grocery needs from local shops.

While expanding product descriptions creates a positive impact on the number of orders, it also makes Yemeksepeti business partners and users happy.

By allowing users to make more informed decisions when choosing their favorite Mahalle products, they are now enabled to have more enjoyable ordering journeys.


Member restaurant menus are now more understandable and rich


Within the scope of the Dish Description Generation project, planned for the first week of June, it is aimed to provide users with the descriptions of approximately 115 thousand more products with the help of ChatGPT technology.

 Yemeksepeti will enrich and improve the descriptions of dishes in member restaurant menus with artificial intelligence support.

By using OpenAI’s state-of-the-art language model ChatGPT to identify dishes that do not have descriptions in their menus, with an average growth of 3 points in the number of products with meal descriptions, the menu details will be increased from 88% to 91% . It envisages taking it to e.

Users’ ordering process becomes even easier

Users' ordering process becomes even easier

Yemeksepeti, within Delivery Hero, maintains its leadership in both the local and global markets with an 88% success rate in terms of product description availability, which is one of its content quality targets. Food basket;

 It aims to exceed its targets by achieving 91% coverage in June, which is the end of 2023 target for total meal descriptions in restaurant menus.

In addition to monitoring and implementing current technologies, activities to provide users with the most accurate, detailed, and rich menus in the market for both newly added restaurants and existing restaurants continue intensively.


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