Firework Launches ‘AVA’ Virtual AI Shopping Assistant to Improve Customer Experience


Both online and in-store shopping have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Customers in the store can examine, feel and try products up close, with professionals on hand to answer customers’ questions about products and services.

On the contrary, e-commerce provides efficiency and convenience. Customers can shop whenever and wherever they want, but it doesn’t offer the same tactile experience or personalized recommendations as buying in-store.

To bridge this gap, video commerce and engagement platform Firework has launched AVA, an AI-generated video sales assistant designed specifically for commerce. Artificial intelligence virtual assistant .

“With its realistic human avatar and intelligent interaction, AVA mirrors the experience of speaking to an in-store expert.

AVA answers questions, offers recommendations based on past purchases, and even displays products in real time, all from the convenience of an online platform.

Firework co-founder and president Jerry Luk said AVA is unique among virtual AI assistants because it is designed specifically for commerce. Metaverse Post.

Under Firework’s proprietary large language model (LLM), AVA learns and adapts by answering customer questions and providing real-time product demos.

 AVA can improve performance and increase conversions through the use of various data sources, such as sales data, engagement results, and customer feedback.

“We allow customers to benefit from the speed and ease of online shopping without sacrificing or even improving the personal touch that long ago changed shopping from a need into a form of expression.” of entertainment and a source of joy,” added Jerry Luk of Fireworks. .

Simplifying Customer Experience with AI Assistants


According to the company, the AI-generated content development approach for AVA focuses on Retrieval-Augmented Manufacturing (RAG) and model fine-tuning, increasing AVA’s adaptability and personalization capabilities in interactions between brands, consumers and the virtual sales assistant.

Over time, customers may add new information to AVA’s knowledge base; This ensures that the assistant is always up to date on the latest product details, industry trends, and customer preferences.

During conversations, AVA can retrieve and use the most up-to-date and relevant information thanks to continuous information expansion that increases the accuracy and contextual relevance of RAG’s responses.

“Combining training data from one-on-one virtual shopping experiences involving human agents allows AVA to continually improve its understanding of consumer behavior and preferences,” said Jerry Luk of Firework.

Metaverse Post. “This personalization goes beyond product-related questions to include personalized communication styles, appealing to individual consumer preferences and backgrounds, thus fostering a deeper connection between brand and consumer.”

Firework also chose Google Cloud for the development of Vertex AI AVA, citing its stability and performance. Vertex AI’s infrastructure ensures reliable and efficient operation, which is vital for consistent
performance in retail. The collaborative partnership emphasizes Google Cloud’s ability to respond to Firework’s feedback, actively develop Vertex AI to meet AVA’s specific needs, and foster continuous innovation.

Because of Vertex AI’s superior performance, big data sets can be processed rapidly and accurately, enabling AVA to immediately adjust to shifting customer preferences and behaviors and enhancing the overall efficacy of the virtual assistant,” said Jerry Luk.

The most notable aspect of AVA is its ability to conduct human-like conversations using voice and visual presence, going beyond the limitations of traditional text-based AI assistants.

This approach creates an immersive and interactive shopping environment that resembles a face-to-face interaction with a knowledgeable sales assistant.

The popularity of Firework’s virtual shopping product, which saw a tenfold increase in conversions through video interactions, served as the inspiration for this feature, which emphasizes the significance of visual engagement in increasing consumer trust and decision-making,” said Jerry Luk of Fireworks. Metaverse Post.


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