Innovative Collection Management Tool for SMEs from ipaymy: Fetch


ipaymy has launched an innovative billing tool called Fetch in Singapore, Hong Kong SAR, Malaysia and Australia to improve payment processing for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

Fetch provides businesses with efficiency in billing management by automating and simplifying accounts receivable. It offers the ability to work with an unlimited number of customers and ease of use.

Beyond improving invoice management, Fetch increases payment flexibility by integrating various payment methods. In addition to traditional methods such as bank transfers, SMEs can also accept new technologies such as card and cryptocurrency payments.

The platform also includes an incentive toolkit that encourages on-time payments by offering early payment discounts and installment payment options. With competitive rates and fast payment cycles, Fetch stands out as a convenient and efficient solution, especially for card and cryptocurrency transactions

ipaymy CEO Ethan Dobson states that Fetch offers unprecedented technological solutions for small businesses to improve payment collection, customer relations and cash flows.



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