US Congressmen Propose Regulating Government AI Suppliers


A bipartisan group of United States congressmen is urging federal agencies and their artificial intelligence (AI) vendors to adopt best practices to address risks posed by the technology.

 This move is associated with the US government’s gradual transition process. Regulatory AI .

The proposed bill would also require the U.S. Department of Commerce to develop specific standards for AI suppliers to the U.S. government and would ask the head of Federal Acquisition Policy to develop language requiring those suppliers to provide appropriate access to data. models and parameters enable adequate testing and evaluation.

The bill, which is supported by Democrats Ted Lieu and Don Beyer as well as Republicans Zach Nunn and Marcus Molinaro, also has a good chance of becoming law since the Senate version was introduced by Republican Jerry Moran and Democrat Mark Warner last November.

If approved, federal agencies would be required to adopt AI guidelines announced by the Commerce Department last year.

US Takes Increasing Steps in Regulating Artificial Intelligence

The United States took tentative steps toward regulating artificial intelligence last year.

However, the country has not yet officially introduced any regulations regarding the technology.

Recently, US President Joe Biden signed an agreement. executive order to improve the security of artificial intelligence.

 The decision obliges developers of artificial intelligence systems that pose a risk to US national security, economy, public health or safety to share the results of security tests with the government before they are made public.

However, the European Union is more advanced in the field of artificial intelligence regulations.

 After long negotiations, the comprehensive European Union Artificial Intelligence Law was published last year.

 Generative AI aimed at establishing control over landmark policy Tools outlining requirements for developers of AI models.

With the new proposal, the United States is taking another step towards creating a regulatory environment to control the rapidly developing artificial intelligence technology and protect the country from risks arising from the use of this technology.


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