What is artificial general intelligence?


The artificial general intelligence approach, which defines the capacity of a computer program or machine to have human-like general intelligence abilities, promises the ability to solve encountered problems by learning. 

This approach, which aims to have a wide range of intelligence to cover all aspects of human intelligence, includes areas such as understanding language, learning, reasoning, problem-solving and emotional intelligence.

Unlike narrow AI solutions developed to perform a specific task, such as facial recognition or language translation, artificial general intelligence offers computing capabilities in a much broader context. 

Artificial general intelligence, which can understand various tasks and contexts and execute processes, is considered an important goal in science and technology. 

Skills of artificial general intelligence

general intelligence
general intelligence

The artificial general intelligence approach, which in theory can provide a variety of results indistinguishable from humans, promises the ability to access and process data sets at incredible speeds.

Artificial general intelligence offers the potential to perform tasks that current computer systems cannot achieve. 

The artificial general intelligence approach, which is expected to have abilities such as abstract thinking, background knowledge, common sense, and cause and effect relationships, promises the ability to perceive problems and situations comprehensively using various learning types and algorithms.

What are the differences between artificial general intelligence and artificial intelligence?


Current artificial intelligence technologies are defined as narrow artificial intelligence because they were developed to meet specific needs.

 Although most current solutions in this field use sub-branches of artificial intelligence such as machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing to improve themselves and solve certain types of problems, these technologies do not come close to the cumulative ability of the human brain.

 There are many examples of artificial intelligence today, such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, various customer service chatbots and facial recognition applications. In all these examples, artificial intelligence solutions are developed to support specific tasks.

Artificial general intelligence, on the other hand, promises to theoretically be able to perform any task that a human can do. 

The artificial general intelligence approach, which can provide solutions in different areas without human intervention, requires being at least as good as humans in solving problems. 

The versatile capabilities of artificial general intelligence, such as understanding language, processing images, learning, reasoning and emotional intelligence, offer the ability to quickly adapt and respond to tasks and contexts. 

What are the advantages of artificial general intelligence?


Since artificial general intelligence has a wide range of intelligence, it offers the potential to perform different tasks. This means that they will have knowledge and skills that require expertise in various fields.

Data analysis and forecasting 

Artificial general intelligence is much faster than humans at analyzing large data sets and discovering complex patterns and relationships. For this reason, it is anticipated that it will offer valuable advantages in data forecasting and strategic planning in many sectors such as health, finance and marketing.

personalized services 

Artificial general intelligence promises the ability to provide personalized services to better adapt to individuals’ needs. In education, healthcare and other fields, the ability to understand the user’s specific needs and provide services accordingly is expected to make processes more efficient.

Innovation and discovery

It is predicted that artificial general intelligence will lead to new discoveries and innovations with its complex problem-solving and creativity capabilities. It is estimated that artificial general intelligence will pave the way for new inventions and discoveries in the field of science and technology.


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