How to use generative AI in marketing?


Although artificial intelligence has been used in marketing for many years, it has become more widespread in recent years with the development of artificial intelligence technologies. 

Artificial intelligence was first used in marketing to learn more about customers’ behavior, preferences and needs , thus making it possible to create more effective and personalized marketing strategies.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a field of application that aims to provide computer systems with abilities such as thinking, learning, making decisions, solving problems and understanding languages ​​in a way similar to human intelligence. 

Nowadays, many artificial intelligence applications such as Siri, ChatGPT or DALL-E are accessible to almost everyone. These applications, each equipped with different capabilities and purposes, try to fulfill users’ requests most accurately.

Apple’s virtual assistant solution, Siri, answers users’ queries through voice interaction and increases life comfort. ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence-supported natural language processing solution, is developed to produce human-like texts and is extremely successful in this regard. 

DALL-E, on the other hand, can create wonderful visuals in the light of textual descriptions. 

Artificial intelligence aims to add intelligence to computer systems by using data mining, machine learning , natural language processing, robotics and similar technologies. These systems can identify patterns and relationships by analyzing data. By learning, it can make future decisions more accurately and interact using natural language like humans.

Advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence in marketing

Artificial intelligence applications can make great contributions to individuals and institutions in marketing processes.

 For example, ChatGPT minimizes the time required to prepare marketing materials. ChatGPT, which can produce content in a few seconds that people can write for a long time, also eliminates problems that may arise due to human error.

ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence tools in marketing bring some disadvantages as well as their advantages. The most important flaw at this point is that artificial intelligence is not yet truly creative. 

For example, when ChatGPT is used for a long time, it is possible to detect that its reactions do not contain emotions. Using artificial intelligence when creating marketing messages may cause customers to lose the brand warmth needed to feel loyalty.

In addition, the more companies benefit from ChatGPT at this point, the more brands’ approach to customers will be in the same tone. Thus, businesses miss the chance to create a unique brand identity. When everyone is perfect, no one is perfect. 

Ways to use productive AI in marketing

Artificial intelligence has some disadvantages in marketing and has not yet reached the level of replacing a professional.

 Still, artificial intelligence can make significant contributions to marketing. For example, it is possible to have product descriptions written by artificial intelligence on an e-commerce site. Since the texts will be grammatically correct, the time spent on proofreading will be minimized.

Another point where artificial intelligence can be benefited is SEO, that is, search engine optimization.

 SEO solutions aim to increase the visibility of companies’ websites in search engines. It is possible to obtain keywords that will increase website traffic by asking artificial intelligence. 

Artificial intelligence is also very successful at analyzing large data sets. Therefore, marketing teams may be asked to analyze customers’ feedback from ChatGPT to find common patterns that will meet their needs. 

AI can also analyze marketing trends. Thus, it can help position the business or product more effectively. 

Human and artificial intelligence collaboration

Individuals and institutions can benefit from artificial intelligence to improve their marketing processes, but it should not be forgotten that all content prepared by the machine must be checked. 

AI is not yet at the point where it can replace marketing employees or teams, but it can help with certain tasks. For this reason, you should not hesitate to evaluate ChatGPT and similar artificial intelligence tools. 

However, when it comes to creativity, which is one of the most basic elements of marketing, it is not yet possible to remove people from the equation. Artificial intelligence will offer some solutions, but it is a fact that it still cannot reach a human level when it comes to appealing to emotions.

The main reason for this is that artificial intelligence works by analyzing the patterns, keywords and examples generally used to write emotional texts and imitating the content in a data set. 

But this may not reflect the richness and complexity of real human emotions. As a result, AI can write emotional texts, but it will not be as natural and organic as humans write.


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