How will ChatGPT change engineering?


ChatGPT, which was released in November 2022, has seen a rapid increase in users even though it has only been released for a short time, and is already being used by many companies for business purposes.
ChatGPT has a wide range of uses in engineering, including the ability to generate programming, and is expected to be used in many engineering situations in the future.
 In this article, we will provide an overview of ChatGPT, and then explain the impact of ChatGPT on engineering, the skills that engineers will need in the future, and the impact it will have on business.

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What is ChatGPT?

Features and benefits of ChatGPT

– Increased work efficiency
– Information can be obtained from various perspectives

Impact of ChatGPT on engineering
, code generation
, code explanation
, debugging support
, explanation of algorithms and data structures
, provision of information on languages ​​and tools

Improvement of skills required of engineers
, skills to accurately handle AI,
and programming skills due to the spread of ChatGPT

Business impact of the spread of ChatGPT in engineering
– Faster business speed
– Requires communication skills and judgment
– Ability to smoothly translate documents into Japanese and English
– Ability to understand the marketability of new projects


What is ChatGPT?


ChatGPT is an AI chat service released by OpenAI in November 2022. It is a popular service that has reached 100 million users in just two months since its release.

It is an interactive text-generation AI that supports various languages ​​including Japanese.

In addition, although it is an AI, it is capable of fluent conversation as if it were a real human being, and it can also handle other tasks such as writing sentences, responding to questions, translating, programming, and proposing ideas. There are many.

Overall, its major strength is its ability to improve work efficiency and quickly collect information. We can say that it is a reliable service because we have a huge database.

Features and benefits of ChatGPT

Once again, let’s briefly review the features and benefits of using ChatGPT.

Increases work efficiency

A major benefit of using ChatGPT is that it increases the efficiency of various tasks.

Your daily work may involve complicated tasks, which can take up a lot of your time and effort. For example, it can be said that it is inefficient to perform tasks that can be centralized, such as creating emails, manuals, and proposals, manually.

However, by using ChatGPT’s document generation function, you can quickly create email texts tailored to your business partners and manuals to be shared by all employees. This allows you to significantly reduce your work time, allowing you to spend more time on other tasks.

In addition, by using the summary function, it is possible to collect necessary information from a huge amount of data. Reducing the time spent gathering information can improve productivity and reduce costs.

Information can be obtained from various perspectives

One of the benefits of effectively utilizing ChatGPT is that you can obtain information from various perspectives.

Originally, ChatGPT provided information from a huge database. The key point is that it presents a lot of information from a variety of perspectives, as it also covers information outside of your field of expertise.

If you research on your own, the information you receive may be biased, and you may not be able to find the information you want, which can take a lot of time. However, you can fill in the missing information by asking questions to ChatGPT.

Impact of ChatGPT on engineering

Some of the engineering implications of ChatGPT include:

  • Generate code
  • Code explanation
  • Debugging support
  • Explanation of algorithms and data structure
  • Providing information on languages ​​and tools

So let’s talk about the impact ChatGPT has on engineering.

Generate code

By prompting ChatGPT, you can generate short code snippets or chunks of code based on the content you specify.

ChatGPT covers a variety of programming languages, so the key point is that it supports both major and minor languages.

Especially for major programming languages, there is a huge amount of information available on the Internet, so the generated code is likely to be of high quality.

Code explanation

If you don’t understand the meaning or content of existing code, isn’t your work often interrupted? In such cases, ChatGPT’s code explanation function will be helpful.

Code explanation is like a support function that explains existing code, and can be said to be a function for people who are studying programming.

Debugging support

When writing code, ChatGPT’s debugging support function is useful when checking whether the code you have created is correct. By having ChatGPT check it, you can point out what is wrong.

Additionally, even if an error occurs with code that has already been incorporated into a site or app, you can receive a prompt with the code and error details, and have the user suggest the cause of the problem and how to fix it.

Is possible. It takes time to find the cause of an error once it occurs, so if you have ChatGPT’s functionality, you can quickly deal with it.

Explanation of algorithms and data structure

If you are an advanced user, you will be able to understand the data structure of the overall programming algorithm, but if you are not, it will take a considerable amount of time just to understand the algorithm.

The key point of ChatGPT is that you can ask them what kind of algorithm the programming data structure is and they will explain it to you in Japanese.

Not only can even beginners greatly reduce the time it takes to understand data structures, but it even suggests ways to implement data structures.

Providing information on languages ​​and tools

ChatGPT provides information on languages ​​and tools that make up programming. Since various languages ​​are used in the areas that make up programming, it can take time to figure out what language is being used when checking the data structure.

Beginners in particular have a hard time just figuring out the language.

By having ChatGPT analyze the code, it can identify what language is being used and what tools are being used.

What’s more, it even shows you how to use the tools you’ve identified, so beginners will definitely appreciate this feature.

Skills required of engineers due to the spread of ChatGPT

With the spread of ChatGPT, there will likely be changes in the skills required of engineers in the future. Specifically, the following skills may be required in an increasing number of situations.

  • Skills to accurately handle AI
  • Basic programming skills

Now, let’s explain the skills required of engineers as ChatGPT becomes more popular.

Skills to accurately handle AI

To make full use of ChatGPT, it is essential to have the skills to accurately handle AI. In other words, you will not be able to effectively utilize ChatGPT unless you can accurately command it to do what you want it to do.

In order to extract the best answers from AI, we need to be creative in the way we ask questions. Depending on how you ask your question, you may not get the answer you are looking for.

ChatGPT supports a wide range of engineering tasks such as code generation, but if you don’t have the skills to properly handle AI, it may be difficult to improve your work efficiency.

basic programming skills

Basic programming skills are essential for engineers to better handle ChatGPT. Even if you have code generated, you won’t be able to use it unless you know which code is what, and even if you have the code explained in an easy-to-understand manner, there is no point if you don’t understand the content.

Even if you have a lot of support, if you lack essential programming skills, you will be wasting your valuable resources.

Just as the programming industry has new growth potential, ChatGPT continues to develop, so it is important to acquire basic programming skills.

For example, acquire various knowledge such as basic programming concepts, logical thinking, programming languages, and understanding code.

Business implications of ChatGPT adoption in engineering

Here are the business impacts of democratizing engineering with ChatGPT:

  • Accelerating business speed
  • Communication skills and judgment are required
  • Documents can be translated smoothly into Japanese and English
  • Understand the marketability of new projects

Now, let’s explain how the popularization of engineering through ChatGPT will impact your business.

Accelerating business speed

One of the impacts of the popularization of engineering with ChatGPT is an increase in the speed of business.

Up until now, engineering has performed a wide variety of tasks, including writing code, understanding the language, checking whether there are any problems with the code that has been created, and investigating the cause of errors when they occur.

If you have a high level of skill, you may be able to do it without difficulty, but even advanced users may find it difficult. Beginners and intermediate-level cars often stumble during the work process, and it takes a lot of time and effort to solve the first problem and move on to the next, reducing work efficiency.

Overall, this will become a major issue as it will lead to a slowdown and stagnation of business. However, by introducing ChatGPT, it will provide accurate support, significantly reducing the time required to complete the work and contributing to faster business speed.

Communication skills and judgment are required

No matter how good ChatGPT is, face-to-face communication skills and skills for making important judgments and decisions are absolutely necessary.

ChatGPT only answers questions according to the content of the question, so it is up to the user to decide how to utilize the answers provided. Communication skills and important judgments and decisions are always extremely important in business, so it is important to be able to use ChatGPT as effectively as possible.

Documents can be translated smoothly into Japanese and English

By utilizing the functions of ChatGPT, you can smoothly translate documents into Japanese and English. Technical terms and explanations often come from English-speaking countries, so unless you can read English, you won’t be able to do the work.

However, by using ChatGPT’s functionality to translate into Japanese, even people who cannot read English will be able to understand technical terms and explanations. Conversely, it can also translate Japanese content into English, which is very useful in business.

Understand the marketability of new projects

When starting a new project, one thing to be concerned about is the market potential of the project you are planning to enter. If you launch a new project without understanding its marketability, you may end up withdrawing if it doesn’t go well.

Therefore, by asking questions to ChatGPT, you can receive opinions from a huge database of a wide variety of fields that will serve as a comprehensive reference as to whether you should really enter the market.

You can get answers based on the results of a multifaceted analysis of business opportunities and the risks that will affect you, which will be useful for your future activities.


A major benefit of effectively utilizing ChatGPT is that the time and effort required for programming configuration can be significantly reduced.

If you can handle ChatGPT well, there are various benefits such as contributing to faster business speed. However, the skills to issue commands accurately and basic programming skills are required at a minimum, so it is important to be able to use ChatGPT well



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