Les 7 meilleurs outils de gestion des tasks (to do list) en 2024


📢 Too busy to read everything? Here is the best task management tool (to-do list) in 2024:

Monday.com shines as a task management tool thanks to its intuitive interface and deep customization, offering a project management and collaboration experience in a fluid and efficient team. Don’t miss this opportunity by clicking here.

In 2024, the field of task management has undergone a major evolution, adapting to dynamic changes in the ways we live and work. With the increasing complexity of daily responsibilities, efficiency, and organization have become essential pillars for both professionals and individuals.

Task management tools, or “to-do lists,” have transcended their traditional form to become sophisticated solutions, integrating advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation. These developments mark an era where time optimization and efficient business management are crucial.

In this article , we’ll dive into the world of task management tools in 2024 , examining their features, their impact on productivity, and their adaptation to the varied needs of our times.

🕰️ No time to read everything? Here is a summary of the best task management tools in February 2024:

1️⃣ Monday.com: Leading companies like Uber trust this platform, perfect for project management and centralizing information. Thanks to its modular visual tables, its agile project management, and its numerous integrations, it proves to be a key tool for boosting team productivity.
2️⃣ Todoist
: A complete solution to organize both your personal and professional life. More than 30 million people use Todoist for its ability to bring focus and organization with its quick and intelligent addition of tasks, recurring due dates, reminders, and integrations with more than 80 apps.

1/ Monday.com: The best task management tool

monday.com interface



Monday.com is not just a tool, it is a revolution in task and project management. Used by more than 180,000 businesses around the world, including prestigious names like Uber, Carrefour, and Renault, Monday.com stands out for its ability to simplify and centralize all your work.

It is a platform designed to meet a multitude of needs, whether for small structures or multinationals.

If you want to know more, check out our test and review on Monday.com.

Why choose Monday.com?

Choosing Monday.com means choosing a platform that has proven itself. She has helped companies like Genpact improve their cross-team collaboration by 40%.

With Monday.com, you can be sure of benefiting from an all-in-one and flexible solution. The platform offers a level of customization that allows each team to tailor it to their unique processes .

Additionally, its user-friendly design makes it easy to use, even for those who are not tech-savvy.


  • Customizable visual boards : Centralize your projects with unparalleled flexibility.
  • Various integrations : Gmail, LinkedIn, Zoom, and more for better synchronization.
  • Agile Management : Perfect for product development teams with features like sprint planning.
  • Automation : Reduce time spent on recurring tasks with intelligent automations.
  • Resource management : Effective allocation and management of resources to balance workloads.


✅ All your work, in one place.

✅ Adapt every aspect of your work.

✅ With up to a 40% increase in cross-team collaboration, according to users like Genpact.

✅ Customizable dashboards to track your goals.

The inconvenience

❌ Can be a little intimidating at first with all its features.

2/ Todoist: Simplifies daily task management

todoist interface



Todoist is a complete software, perfect for organizing your life and work . More than 30 million people and teams, including at renowned companies like Microsoft, Disney, BlaBlaCar, Airbus, L’Oréal and Orange, have chosen Todoist for its ability to provide focus, organization and peace of mind.

Why choose Todoist?

Thanks to its natural language recognition, Todoist automatically fills your to-do list. Lists are sorted into Today and Next views, as well as custom filters, allowing you to focus on what really matters. It’s the perfect tool for organizing both your teamwork and your personal tasks .


  • Quick and intelligent addition : Capture your tasks easily using natural language.
  • Recurring due dates and reminders : Never miss a deadline.
  • 80+ integrations : Connect Todoist with your favorite apps.
  • Projects, subtasks, and priorities : A detailed organization of your tasks.
  • Filtered views and calendar : A clear view of your schedule to plan better.


  • Starter (Free) : Perfect for getting started, with 5 personal projects, flexible presentations and 3 filtered views.
  • Pro (€4/month, billed annually): Ideal for more advanced use, offering 300 personal projects and unlimited activity history.
  • Business (€6/member/month, billed annually) : Designed for teams, with 500 team projects, roles and permissions, and centralized billing.


✅ A user-friendly and easy-to-learn user interface.

✅ Manage both your personal and professional tasks.

✅ Your tasks are always up to date on all your devices.

✅Views and organizations that adapt to your needs.

The inconvenients

❌ May be less suitable for managing highly detailed or technical projects.

3/ Asana: Collaboration and fluid project management

asana interface


Asana is not limited to being just a task manager, it is a complete solution for planning and executing all your team’s activities .

This platform helps you identify the tasks to be completed, their priority, and the best path to follow to complete them successfully.

Asana is the choice of many teams around the world for its ability to bring all work into one shared space, providing diverse project views for optimal collaboration.

Why choose Asana?

You should opt for Asana because it’s a tool that helps you stay organized and communicate continuously . You benefit from a clear view of each project, from planning to execution.

Asana is particularly effective for managing dependencies between tasks and creating reliable project plans.

With over 200 integrations, Asana centralizes all your activities on a single platform, making communication and collaboration easier from A to Z.


  • Diverse project views : Organize your work as a list, calendar, timeline, Gantt chart or Kanban board.
  • Project Management : Manage your projects from A to Z with a clear overview and status updates.
  • Automation of recurring tasks : Save time by automating repetitive actions.
  • Time tracking : Measures the time spent on each task for better resource management.
  • Custom Fields : Adds labels to tasks for more efficient automatic sorting and reporting.


✅ A precise understanding of each project and its progress.

✅ Choose the view that best suits your needs for each project.

✅ Reduces time spent on repetitive activities.

✅ Easily connects Asana to other essential tools.

The inconvenients

❌ Fuller versions can be quite expensive, especially for larger teams.

4/ Jira: The ideal tool for agile development

jira interface


Jira is uniquely designed for agile teams involved in developing and maintaining world-class software.

He is recognized for his ability to plan, monitor and manage software development projects . With Jira, you can easily plan ahead and scale quickly, a necessity in the dynamic software development environment.

Why choose Jira?

Jira is the tool of choice for teams adopting agile methodologies . Its features include an interactive timeline, Scrum and Kanban boards , and in-depth reporting and analytics.

Jira stands out for its great flexibility, allowing users to select between projects managed at the company or team level. And all this while offering the possibility of creating personalized workflows adapted to any work methodology.


  • Interactive timelines : Plan your epics, map tasks, and visualize dependencies.
  • Scrum and Kanban boards : Facilitates agile work by dividing large projects into manageable tasks.
  • Reports and analyses : Obtain precise insights into the progress of your projects.
  • Drag-and-drop automation : Automate recurring tasks so you can focus on what matters.
  • DevOps Visibility : Instantly see the code and deployment situation with a visual view.


✅ Adjusts to various project management approaches.

✅ Ideal for agile teams thanks to its dedicated features.

✅ Reduces time and energy consumption on recurring activities.

✅ Effortlessly integrates a wide range of other tools.

The inconvenients

❌ Fuller versions can be expensive.

5/ Trello: A very simple tool to use

trello interface


Trello stands out for its simplicity and adaptability as a task and project management platform. Used by millions of users around the world, Trello allows you to centralize all your content and collaborate effectively , even in distributed teams.

With its boards, lists and cards, Trello offers a clear and organized view of your tasks, allowing you to easily follow the progress of your work.

Why choose Trello?

Trello is the perfect tool for those looking for an intuitive and visual productivity hub . Its boards keep tasks organized and move work forward seamlessly.

Lists help you define the different phases of a task, and cards represent individual tasks, filled with useful information to complete your work.


  • Boards, Lists and Maps : A modular approach to organizing and visualizing tasks.
  • Timeline and calendar view : Plan your projects with a clear overview of deadlines and deadlines.
  • Butler Automation : Builds simple, powerful automation into every board to handle repetitive tasks.
  • Integrations : Connects Trello to other apps and services to extend its functionality.
  • Templates : Accelerates the implementation of new projects thanks to pre-designed templates.


✅ Easy to understand and use interface.

✅ Gives a clear view of the progress of projects.

✅ Easily adapts to various types of workflows.

✅ Numerous Power-Ups to expand Trello’s capabilities.

The inconvenients

❌ May not be suitable for projects requiring detailed and technical management.

6/ Canva: To develop your creativity and your designs

canva interface


Canva is an online graphic design application launched in 2013, which revolutionized the world of graphics with its ease of use.

Accessible through both browser and mobile devices, it is suitable for both novices and experts. With an estimated 75 million users in 190 countries and more than 7 billion designs created, Canva is positioned as an essential tool in the field.

If you want to know more, check out our test and review on Canva .

Why choose Canva?

Canva stands out for its ergonomic and intuitive interface , making graphic design accessible to everyone, even without particular graphic design skills. Its simplicity, combined with a wealth of features, makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of graphics projects.


  • Drag-and-drop editor : Makes it easy to create designs quickly.
  • Template Library : Offers a variety of templates for various needs.
  • Importing personal content : Allows you to integrate your own images, videos and graphic elements.
  • Resizing and sharing tools : Simplify distribution on social media and other platforms.
  • Collaboration options : Allow teamwork on projects.


✅ Designed to provide an intuitive user interface.

✅ Offers a wide range of tools and features for graphic design.

✅ Integrates collaboration tools for improved team project management.

✅ Offers offers tailored to various requirements and budgets.

✅ Compatible with many third-party apps.

The inconvenients

❌ Requires an internet connection to take advantage of all its features.

❌ Offers fewer features and export options than paid editions.

7/ Evernote: Organize your ideas in one place

evernote interface


Evernote is a versatile note-taking and organizing application designed to capture, store and manage a variety of information . Used in both a personal and professional setting, it offers tailored solutions for organizing tasks, projects, and much more.

Why choose Evernote?

Evernote stands out for its ability to centralize and synchronize all your important information . Whether for meeting notes, project management, or capturing spontaneous ideas, Evernote is a reliable tool for staying organized and efficient.


  • Advanced note-taking : You can create, edit and store your notes in various formats.
  • Organize tasks and projects : Add due dates, reminders and labels to better organize your tasks.
  • Sync across multiple devices : Access your notes from any device.
  • Smart Search : Quickly find what you’re looking for with an advanced search function.
  • Integrations : You can connect Evernote to other tools like Google Calendar, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.
  • Offline Access : Continue working even if you don’t have an Internet connection


✅ Evernote accommodates a wide range of needs and work styles.

✅ Keep your information consistent and accessible across all your devices.

✅ Quickly find the information you need.

✅ Advanced tools for effective task and project management.

The inconvenients

❌ Fewer features and storage capacity compared to paid versions.

We sincerely hope that you enjoyed this comparison of the best collaborative task management tools!

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