Metricool review: the tool to manage and analyze your social networks in 2024?


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Result of our test : 4.7/5

Metricool is accessible software for managing your social networks daily and boosting your visibility.

When you are present on the internet , it is almost obligatory to have an account on several social networks . But then it becomes difficult to manage publishing content on different social media without getting lost.

To make your life easier, there is social network management software . Among them, we will present to you in this test Metricool , an affordable tool for managing your accounts on the networks on a daily basis and boosting your visibility .

🕰️ No time to read everything? Here’s what you need to remember:

👉 Planner : Create a publishing calendar so you never run out of posts for your networks!
👉 Management of private messages : No matter which social network you receive a message on, find it on the Metricool interface.
👉 Free version : Use the tool for free to program up to 50 publications/month.
👉 Monitor : Analyze your competitors’ popular posts to determine which themes are popular.


Presentation of Metricool

Metricool is a social media management tool . This platform will connect to your Facebook , Instagram , TikTok , Twitter and other accounts in order to centralize their management . In short, you will be able to publish and schedule the publication of content directly from the software.

Besides, this tool also allows you to manage your comments and private messages . Here too, Metricool will group together all the comments and PMs that you receive on your different networks. You can answer it directly from the platform.

You will also be able to analyze the results of your publications , but also of the advertising campaigns that you run on social networks.


Who is Metricool for? 

Metricool is suitable for all content creators who post on different social networks . Thanks to this tool, you will be able to save time while optimizing your results . Among Metricool users, there are several profiles.

This tool is ideal for influencers who want to plan content publishing and analyze their social media    performance .

The platform is obviously suitable for companies that communicate on social networks . In this case, the software will allow you to publish on several social media, but also to monitor and respond to prospects’ questions in comments or private messages.

With Metricool, you will have the possibility to manage the social networks of several people. The software therefore becomes essential for agencies or professionals who manage the communication of different companies.

Metricool features

Metricool offers many features and not all of them will necessarily be useful to you on a daily basis. We will therefore present to you the main functions of this software .


The main functionality of Metricool is the ability to schedule the publication of your content . The operation is very simple. You will simply have to integrate the text and images that you want to publish on a social network.

Then you can select which social media you want to publish this content on . The software then lets you choose the desired publication date . Of course, you can also publish your content immediately . Or, you can repeat this operation to plan posts over several months .

metricool editorial calendar


By connecting your accounts with the software, you will obtain a bunch of statistics tracking your performance. You will be able to see in no time the number of likes , comments , shares that your content generates. But the platform also indicates the engagement rate , the number of subscribers gained and others.

metricool analytical

Beyond the results of your publications , the tool also allows you to analyze the performance of your advertising campaigns.

Competition analysis  

Metricool is also software that will allow you to monitor . The platform offers an easy-to-use feature that analyzes your competitors’ accounts on social networks. By indicating to the tool the profile you want to spy on , you will be informed of its publications that generate the most engagements, comments and others.

metricool competition analysis

This allows you to see what type of content is popular in your topic. You can also recover the hashtags that work in order to reuse them to boost the visibility of your publications.


Metricool allows you to centralize all the private messages you receive on your social networks via a single interface. Directly from the software, you will be able to respond to your private messages , regardless of the social network where you received them.

This feature also supports comments . The tool detects all the comments that are posted under your publications. Ideal for never missing any comments and not leaving a question or a dissatisfied customer unanswered .

Metricool prices


Metricool offers 3 premium plans as well as a free version:

metricool prices

Depending on the subscription plan you choose, you will have access to more or fewer options:

  • Starter : 2000 contents/month, analysis of 100 competitors, AI assistant, unlimited statistics history
  • Advanced : starter features + 5000 contents/month, role management, post validation system, Zapier integration, etc.
  • Enterprise : advanced features, 10,000 contents per month + white label

By opting for the free version , you can manage your accounts on all networks except LinkedIn. This version gives you the possibility to schedule the publication of 50 contents and analyze 5 competitors .

Advantages disadvantages 

After testing Metricool for several weeks, here are the strong and weak points that emerge:


✅ Ability to plan the publication of content over several months

✅ Competitor analysis tool

✅ Free version

✅ Good value for money

The inconvenients

❌ No trial period

In summary: our opinion on Metricool


In short, Metricool is a very comprehensive tool that will allow you to collect a lot of data in order to improve your visibility on social networks. But above all, it is software that will simplify your life and save you time on a daily basis.

It is one of the most affordable tools for social media management . In addition to this, the platform offers a free version which is more than enough for a small creator.

The tool is a real Swiss army knife and is suitable if you work in a team. You will be able to create an editorial calendar , monitor , manage your private messages , design detailed reports and more from a single interface!

If you want to gain visibility on social media , we strongly invite you to use Metricool. You will be able to obtain precise information on your publications in order to maximize your chances of success on the networks.

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The alternative to Metricool 

Being present on the internet is essential today. Many tools have therefore emerged in recent years to help creators manage their social networks . Here are some alternatives to Metricool:

Agorapulse is themost popular social media management software. This platform will allow you toplan the publication of your contenton several social networks at the same time. But you will also be abletomonitorautomaticallyand manage your comments and private messages.

Hubspot is a tool known for CRM, but which also allows you tomanage your social networks. Thanks tostatistical analysis,you will know the best time to publish your content in order to maximize your results. The platform also allows you to doA/B testingin order to try different digital strategies.

Later is a platform designed to schedule the publication of content on several social networks simultaneously. You will also be able to view all the comments and private messages that you receive in order to respond to them directly on the tool interface.

How to use Metricool? 

As you can see, Metricool offers a bunch of different features. We are going to introduce you to the most used function, the scheduler . As its name suggests, this option allows you to prepare in advance the publication of content during a defined period.

To schedule content publishing, it only takes a few minutes. You simply have to integrate your content ( text, images, links, GIFS, etc. ) directly into the interface. Right after, you will have to select the social networks on which you want to publish this content .

metricool planner

Then, the tool will show you the time that seems most optimal for posting your content. Depending on the data collected by Metricool, you will see when to post to get the most engagement.


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