Thanks to Virtual POS, businesses put an end to customer loss


It is of great importance for businesses that want to step into e-commerce to offer fast and easy payment solutions to their customers. 

Many small-scale institutions have difficulty increasing their customer base due to limited payment options such as money order, EFT and payment on delivery. 

Payment by credit card, which is the most preferred payment method on the internet, is of great importance for companies starting e-commerce. 

While a large portion of the potential customer base prefers credit cards as a means of payment, e-commerce companies almost have to add this payment method to their portfolio.

Customers prefer fast and easy payment solutions when shopping online. Payment options by credit card and debit card stand out because, although they are traditional methods, they are still fast and easy. 

Many e-commerce customers who do not see the option to pay by credit card or debit card at the payment stage leave the platform without completing the shopping and remove the e-commerce application/site in question from their agenda for a long time. 

Businesses gain customers thanks to virtual POS

Virtual POS solutions, which enable businesses to receive safe and easy payments for online shopping, work over the Internet and receive payments from customers through e-commerce platforms, mobile applications or websites.

Virtual POS solutions secure payment transactions using SSL technology that securely encrypts customer information.

 Thanks to virtual POS, institutions can access a wide range of payment options, from credit cards to debit cards, from digital wallets to installment options. 

Virtual POS solutions help businesses establish a safe and effective payment infrastructure for online sales in today’s world where e-commerce is rapidly growing. Virtual POS solutions create a competitive advantage for businesses in the e-commerce world by offering cost effectiveness, fast integration and wide payment options. Thanks to virtual POS, the rate of customers leaving the product in the cart also decreases.

In order to benefit from virtual POS, businesses must apply to banks one by one and provide technical qualifications along with the necessary documents. 

However, institutions that do not want to deal with this difficult process can speed up the process and reduce their costs by agreeing with a provider that offers virtual POS as a service. 

Thanks to PayFlex Virtual POS, businesses can start receiving payments without making agreements with banks one by one.

Developed by İnnova, PayFlex Virtual POS allows institutions to receive payments from 13 leading banks in without having to invest in any software or hardware. With PayFlex Virtual POS, businesses do not need to make any arrangements or developments for changing legal obligations.

 PayFlex Virtual POS, offered by İnnova’s expert staff, always provides services in full compliance with the regulations.

Offering a low-cost collection channel to businesses with its cloud infrastructure, PayFlex Virtual POS works in a distributed structure on multiple servers.

 In case of a problem in a bank’s system, PayFlex Virtual POS automatically directs the payment transaction to another working bank and ensures that the transaction is completed successfully, helping users make payments quickly and easily.

PayFlex Virtual POS, a payment instrument fully compliant with international security standards, meets the criteria required by 128-bit SSL, Visa, Verified by Visa, and MasterCard SecureCode certificates.

PayFlex Virtual POS, which has PCI DSS Level 1 certification, allows credit card information to be stored safely. 

Promising customers an extremely fast and secure payment process, İnnova PayFlex Virtual POS increases customer satisfaction thanks to easy and problem-free transactions.


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